Toddler Child Care

Mobile – 3 Years

In YMCA Preschool, toddlers watch and absorb knowledge and skills from everything and everyone around them. Most importantly, children learn how to be their best selves.

Our toddler programs are centered around each child’s daily schedule. Children in these programs will continue to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Daily activities include cooperative playtime, art, outside excursions, naps and an abundance of hugs from the staff. Toddlers will also hear plenty of stories and songs that foster their language development. In addition, this program also offers older toddlers an introduction to water through occasional trips to our zero-entry family pool.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is an international comprehensive classroom management program and social-emotional curriculum developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. YMCA childcare staff are guided through intensive training based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices.

Conscious Discipline utilizes character education curriculum and challenging situations to teach the following life skills: Anger Management, Helpfulness (pro-social skills), Assertiveness, Impulse Control, Cooperation, Empathy, Problem Solving and Real-Life Conflict. The YMCA Early Learning program believes that character education is a part of everyday life.

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Developing the Whole Child

YMCA preschool prioritizes the holistic development of children. They focus not only on academic readiness but also on social, emotional, physical, and creative development. This approach helps children build a strong foundation for future learning and personal growth.

Experienced & Caring Staff

The YMCA employs well-trained and compassionate educators who are dedicated to the well-being and education of young children. These staff members create a warm and supportive atmosphere where children feel comfortable exploring and learning.

Community Engagement

Our Y program emphasizes community involvement and engagement. They encourage parents and families to participate in their child’s education and offer opportunities for families to connect and build a sense of community. This not only benefits the child but also strengthens the bonds within the broader community.