Nourishing Our Community

Provides nutritious meals
Addresses local food insecurity
Promotes community well-being & equity

Food For All

In South Dakota, more than 72,000 people don’t have reliable access to food. It is the Y’s goal to battle food insecurity on the local level through multiple meal programs that address those in need at all ages.

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Fueling Growth & Well-Being

The YMCA’s childcare and afterschool snack program, supported by CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program), offers nutritious snacks to children, fostering their growth, development, and well-being during dai childcare and afterschool hours.

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Summer Sustenance

The YMCA’s Summer Feeding Program, in partnership with SFSP (Summer Food Service Program), is a vital initiative running from June through August. Located conveniently at both the main YMCA and downtown Rapid City’s Main Street Square, this program ensures that children and teens have access to nourishing meals throughout the summer.

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Nourishing Seniors

The YMCA’s partnership with Meals on Wheels is a heartwarming collaboration that serves as a lifeline to seniors in our community. Every day at the YMCA of Rapid City, we join forces to provide nourishing meals, not just for the body but also for the soul. Through this initiative, we are honored to support the well-being and independence of our senior neighbors, ensuring they receive daily sustenance and a warm, caring connection. Together, we are making a significant impact in the lives of these valued members of our community, embodying the true spirit of compassion and community support.

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