Job Code: 38

Food Service Assistant

Category: Food Service
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Full-Time


YMCA of Rapid City Food Service Assistant

Reports to: Food Service Associate Director

Hourly Wage: $11 hour Full Time

General Expectations: The Food Service Assistant is responsible for maintaining excellence in the food service department. This position reports directly to the Food Service Associate Director. This person will be cross trained in various areas of our kitchen and meal preparation. Compliance with the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) and HEPA (Healthy Eating Physical Activity) standards will be followed.

Performance Objectives: To develop a continually increasing standard of excellence as directed by the Food Service Director in accordance with YMCA goals and policies in the following areas:

Health and Safety:

  1. Maintain cleanliness and room appearance such that at least 90% of guests agree that it is good or excellent
  2. Ensure that all state and local codes are being enforced in the kitchen such that a rating of 95% is achieved from the state inspection
  3. Maintain the quality and quantity of cleaning supplies and equipment needed

Food Preparation:

  1. Food must be prepared in such a way that 95% of the patrons agree that is good or excellent
  2. Assist with planning and implementation of healthy menus at least one week in advance
  3. Assist with planning and implementation of healthy menus for the current day or week
  4. Ensure that supplies are ordered and/or received in a timely manner so the menus can be carried out
  5. Assist in preparing snacks, lunches, and drinks for committee meetings upon request by the directors

Guest Services:

  1. Create a pleasant, friendly environment for guests, staff, and community members patronizing the YMCA.
  2. Conduct yourself in a professional manner such that 90% of guests will rate the overall quality of food service as good or excellent

Record Keeping:

  1. Assist in maintaining accurate daily records for state, federal or other reports.
  2. Accurately record all purchases made through the kitchen and submit receipts

Whatever else that may be needed to further YMCA goals.

Orientation Training: Must be completed by all YMCA staff within 60 days of start date, unless supervisory approval is given for an extension due to unavailability of training or extenuating circumstances. Initial and annual wage adjustments are subject to meeting and maintaining adequate standards.

Note: all persons interested in being a member of the YMCA staff must agree to be right on target with DART.

D - Dependability Exhibit dependability by reporting for duty promptly and as scheduled.

A - Appearance Maintain a neat, clean, modest and presentable appearance befitting of someone representing an organization that promotes a positive and healthy environment. This includes a standard of dress as determined by the dress code.

R - Role Model Believe in and exhibit, at all times and for all members, volunteers, and staff the YMCA core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. This includes the use of positive language, maintaining friendliness, and demonstrating good manners.

T - Teamwork Demonstrate teamwork. This means working together, helping one another, and lending a hand, even if it is not part of your specific responsibilities.

Employment is conditional upon completion of all trainings required of the position and notification of the results of the background investigation.


Full Time Benefits
• Health Insurance 
• Vision Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Short Term Disability
• Discounted Child Care
• 401(a) Retirement Plan - Once qualified, the YMCA contributes 12% of the employee’s gross pay
• 403(b) Smart Account - Employees can begin making contributions immediately
• YMCA of Rapid City Membership
• Access to a full range of YMCA activities, classes and programs at cost or free
• CPR / First Aid Certification
• School Loan Forgiveness (30 Hours)
• Verizon Wireless Discount / Sprint Discount / AT&T Discount
• Shirt Vouchers
• Discounted Movie Tickets



The Food Service Assistant must:

  • Have at least 1 year experience of related field experience
  • Assist with developing and prepare nutritious food that is flavorful and appealing.
  • Assist with the implementation of the food
  • Be able to lift a minimum of 25
  • Have knowledge of and be an advocate for YMCA & OneHeart goals and
  • Have CPR and First Aid certification prior to or within 60 days of

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