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Youth Development Associate Director

Category: After School
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Full-Time

We are looking for someone who can lead, mentor, nurture and encourage our staff with a balance of empathy, accountability and willing to work hands-on.

Working with children is a HUGE responsibility and we need to ensure the safety of all children in our programs. We are looking for someone who understands the importance of recognizing academic success, as well as implementing our policies and procedures.  Every day details are important, and we need someone who has a keen eye for all that it entails and foster the growth and development of all children. Flexibility is a must.

General Function: The Youth Development Associate Director is responsible to the Youth Development Director for excellence in the development, promotion, organization, supervision, and evaluation of YMCA After School Programs. 

Performance Objectives: To develop a continually increasing standard of excellence as directed by the Youth Development Director in accordance with YMCA goals and policies in the following areas:

  1. Staff Development
  2. After School programs (Kidstop /Sunrisers/Sundowners/All Day Programs)
  3. Fiscal Management
  4. Community Relations
  5. YMCA Movement Promotion
  6. Whatever else that may be needed to further the YMCA movement.

Youth Institute Coordinator

Category: Outreach
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Full-Time

Excellent opportunity to join a highly reputable, innovative and proficient staff team that passionately pursues excellence in this mission-driven YMCA. This position develops, promotes, implements, supervises and evaluates programs designed to facilitate teen’s growth in creative media technology along with character development, emotional intelligence and relational skills. This dynamic position directly relates to teens of all skill levels, coordinates a top-notch staff team, keeps meticulous records, fosters community relations and responsibly manages the program’s budget. Programs include summer Youth Institute, school year Downtown Teen Center and Perspective advanced hands-on entrepreneurial leadership.

Deadline for Resumes - June 19, 2020

Application Process - Submit resume with references to: Keiz Larson, COO, YMCA of Rapid City 815 Kansas City Street Rapid City, SD 57701 or