Giraffic Park Day Camp

We are very excited by the number of children interested in participating in our 2022 Giraffic Park Day Camp!  Unfortunately hiring has been a challenge this year and since we are a licensed child care program, we have a minimum ratio of no more than 15 children to 1 staff. 

If you are still looking to enroll your child(ren) for the summer, we encourage you to call the Child Care Desk at 605-718-5437 and add your child’s name to our waiting list. As we work through the hiring process, our hope is to call those on our waiting list and get them enrolled in our program. 


Giraffic Park Summer Day Camp is for children who have completed K-5th grade by May. Day camp helps children grow spiritually, mentally and physically by using a natural camp site by providing challenging activities in group settings under the guidance of caring, well-trained staff members.