Randy Travis Wellness Center

The Randy Travis Wellness Center is your complete workout center.  We are one of the largest facilities in the area at just over 13,000 square feet of floor space and we offer one of the largest selections of equipment for workout and lifting. 






 Equipment in the wellness center includes:

  • Life Fitness machines – 15 different machines allow you to focus on specific body parts
  • Paramount cable – 2 functional cable training stations as well as a large cable crossover with pulldown and seated row
  • Hammer Strength plated loaded machines – over a dozen options to help you work each body part
  • Free weights – dumbbells from 2.5 to 125 pounds and bars that allow members of all abilities to use our flat, incline and decline benches, squat racks and stations, deadlift platforms and several other options for light to intense lifting.
  • Cardio equipment – We have an array of ways to get your heart pumping:
    • 7 Woodway treadmills
    • 6 Precore treadmills
    • 9 elliptical trainers
    • 10 bikes including Spin, recumbent and upright
    • 4 Cybex arc trainers
    • 4 step mills (stair masters)
      plus Octane fitness lateral trainers, Nustep trainers and Concept 2 rowers
  • Boxing bags – 2 heavy  and 1 speed bag
  • A variety of other accessories are available for use such as medicine balls, stability and Bosu balls, jump ropes, jump/plyo boxes and TRX trainers.

There is an area set aside to stretch out and perform your warm up routine before you hit the machines and/or cool down when you are done.


Unsure about how to use a piece of equipment?
Just ask the wellness center staff member for assistance.  They are on duty to help members get the workout they are looking for through correct use of the equipment.

Located on the lower level of the YMCA, the center is staffed and available during regular facility hours. If you like to work out late at night or wee hours of the morning, check out the Night Owl membership to give you overnight access!