Open Swim

  • Those 5-years-old and under, regardless of their swimming ability, must have an adult in the water, and in same swim area, with them AND:
    • For the child to go into water higher than their armpit, the parent MUST be within arm’s reach of that child.
    • At all other times, the in the water parent must be within 10 seconds of their “in the water” child.

For example: A child in the 0 depth area, must have a parent in the 0 depth area.  Parent cannot be in program area, or on slide if they are accompanying a 5 year old and under in the water.

  • Those ages 6 ½ through 11 (not yet 12), who cannot swim the “Swim Test”; must be with a responsible person, 15 years or older, in order to attend open swim.
  •  Additionally:
    • 1) If open/family swim is in the 8lane pool, these children will be required to be in a USCG Life Jacket, provided by the parent  
    • 2) The responsible person will be within arm’s reach of the child and both must stay where the responsible party can stand with water no higher than armpit height

“Swim Test” =

  1. Tread water for 30 seconds, ears must be out of water, and swimmer must be in a vertical position, then immediately swimmer must:
  2. Swim 1 length of the 25 yard lap pool (swim must be on stomach, nonstop, with the ability to get face wet a minimum of 3 times showing no signs of discomfort nor panic.