Aquatic Group Exercise

Early Birds:

A total body workout including aerobics and overall muscle training without the strain.  Workout patterns in shallow and deep water, medium to high cardiovascular exercise.

Aqua Rock & Aqua Boot Camp:

A high intensity aerobic section followed by stretching & strengthening exercises for a total body workout.

Women’s Exercise:

Water walking, stretching and low impact aerobics - great for those just getting started.

Water Lilies & Bullfrogs:

Exercise in the deep end of the pool while wearing a float belt that keeps you upright.  Move your arms and legs freely with no pressure on your legs and feet!

Active Older Adult Water Exercise (AOA):

Join us in the 8-lane pool for water exercise classes lead by “seniors”. Enjoy working out, spending time with each other, and meeting new people. Program participants $5 per class.
Arthritis Relief Exercise (ARE): Exercises consist of range of motion, muscle strengthening, and endurance building activities.

Aquatic group exercise classes are free to members.
Program participants: $65 per class type/6 weeks.