After discussing your health concerns and goals, our wellness staff can get you started on a health and wellness program specifically designed for you by using our ActivTrax system!

ActivTrax will create customized workouts around your goals, strength and fitness experience. Each time you visit the center, you’ll receive a new workout that offers you ideas on what you may need to do to get in shape. There is even an app for smartphone users! And…from your home computer, ActivTrax also provides you with an online weight management tool to help keep your healthy lifestyle food choices on track!

Free to YMCA members!

If you aren't familiar with some of the equipment, just ask one of the wellness center attendants. They can explain and demonstrate how to use any or all of our machines. We call it our 'Wellness 101' course.

Still wondering what is ActivTrax? 

Simply put, it's a unique workout just for you without the cost of a personal trainer. It doesn't matter if you are new to strength training or a seasoned pro looking for something to add to your current routine. ActivTrax has something for everyone.

It starts with a simple six station strength test: Leg Press, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Row, Back Extension and One Minute Crunches. With those results and a few questions such as how often you want to lift in a week and how much time you are able to spend on each workout The ActivTrax program is then able to determine what exercises you need to do as well as suggesting the amount of weight to use and how many sets of repetitions to do.

Wanting to stay on track with your new healthier lifestyle? Track the amount of cardiovascular exercise you do and, from a home computer, access to the nutritional database from ActivTrax and set up your own customizable food program. There is even a brand new smart phone app that is free and available in the Google Play and Apple Store

It's what are you waiting for? Make your appointment in the Wellness Center today!