YMCA Night Owl Memberships


Do you work odd hours, but still want to stay healthy?

Our Night Owl membership is designed for those members who want access to the Randy Travis Wellness Center during hours that the YMCA main facility is closed*. Workout and stay fit on your time schedule…even if it’s in the middle of the night.

What are the Night Owl hours?

Monday - Thursday                                        10pm – 5am
Friday - Saturday                                           10pm - 7am
Saturday - Sunday                                         6pm – 12pm
Sunday - Monday                                           6pm – 5am

How much is a Night Owl membership?

The cost of a Night Owl membership is $15/month with a joiner’s fee of $25, which includes your electronic key fob for building access on 9th Street.

Can current YMCA members also access the Wellness Center during Night Owl hours?

YES! Night Owl hours will be included for existing YMCA members. YMCA members will need to purchase a $10 electronic key fob that can be used for access during Night Owl hours.

Will there be staff on duty during Night Owl hours?

A YMCA staff member will be there to assist you with check-in, workout equipment and be available if you have any questions.

What is the check-in process and can I bring a guest?

Your key fob will allow building access during Night Owl hours and then you will use your YMCA membership card to check-in with a YMCA staff member. Entry is for Y members who have purchased a key fob and Night Owl members only. You must be 18 years old to access Night Owl hours.

With my Night Owl membership will I be able to use the locker rooms? Pool?

No. Night Owl hours ONLY allow access to the Randy Travis Wellness Center, the Zone and lower level restrooms. The main YMCA facility will be closed.

What if I lose my electronic key fob? Can I still get in the building?

A replacement key fob will cost $10 and can be purchased at the membership desk during regular YMCA hours.

 When does the Night Owl membership start?

Night Owl memberships may be purchased starting December 4. Electronic key fobs will be available on December 28. The Night Owl membership access will start January 2.

 Can I purchase a Night Owl membership as a gift?

YES! Gift certificates are available at the membership desk.

* YMCA holiday closures apply to our Night Owl members, also. See membership desk for specific details.