Wellness Center Etiquette

  1. Handle free weights, dumbbells and weight machine plates carefully so as not to drop them. Let’s keep them in use for a long time!
  2. Remember to return weights to their proper storage area when finished.
  3. Only closed-toe shoes are allowed in the Wellness Center. Protect those feet to exercise another day.
  4. While performing workout sets, be mindful of others waiting. Allow others to perform a set while you are at rest.
  5. Please observe the recommended weight limits of the exercise balls. Additional weight from hand weights and barbells can damage them.
  6. Please use machines and benches only for their primary purpose.
  7. Wipe down machines and equipment when you are finished.
  8. If you’ve made it this far... congratulations! Thanks for taking the time to read through the wellness center etiquette.