Swimming - More Opportunities

Mommy/Daddy & Me Swim

Children, kindergarten and under, may bring their parents to enjoy this time in the 0-depth area only.  
Monday-Friday, 11:50 am-12:50 pm.
Saturday, 12-12:30 pm
Mommy/Daddy & Me Swim is offered only during the school year. 

Please, no children older than 6-years-old.

School's-In-Session (SIS)

On days when the Rapid City Area Schools are scheduled to be in session we offer SIS. This is an open swim with all family swim rules applied (see below). SIS is in the Family Pool, Monday-Friday, 12:50-3:30 pm.

School or private groups may make prior arrangements to swim during this time. 

Pool breaks are 1:50 pm and 2:50 pm. (Unaccompanied adults exercising during this time may be required to get out at pool breaks.)

On scheduled RCAS school breaks this time becomes open swim, 12:50-2:50 pm. 

Family Swim Rules            

• No groups - to honor family togetherness, groups will not be allowed during Family Swim. This applies to member birthday parties.
• Safe games may be organized and played. Lifeguard will determine safety of any game.
• Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent (in the pool area) or sibling, age 18+.
• We encourage adults to participate in the aquatic activities with their children. 
• Nerf balls are welcome. Hard and small balls are not permitted.
• Please respect the YMCA by only bringing those persons on your own family membership.

Private Swim Lessons

Private (ratio 1:1) 2 half-hour classes
ALL AGES - Improve your swimming ability! Private swim lessons consist of two 30-minute sessions of one-on-one instruction. All ages and abilities are welcome. All private lesson arrangements are made via e-mail, contact the aquatics director at frances@rcymca.org. 
Semi-private lessons are also available to 2-3 students who are at similar ability level.

Member: $30 Program participant: $55