Pool Rules

General Pool Rules

• Proper swim attire must be worn, i.e. swim suits, swim shorts/trunks, no-cotton shirts. A non-cotton, tight fitting "swim shirt" made of polyester, lyrca or nylon may be worn if deemed safe by aquatic staff.
• Evening swim tests will start at 5:40pm.
• To ensure the safety of every child, we will test every child every time they come to the pool.  This 1-2 minute swim is a great time for them to gain confidence, improve swimming, and gain endurance!
• Accidents do happen - please use swim diapers on those under 3 years of age.
• Goggles are welcome. Masks will not be allowed in either pool for play time.
• Mask, snorkels and fins may be used only for surface lap swimming in lap pool only.
• Non-inflatable flotation devices may be brought in by individual families. This is limited to attached devices, such as, float belts, and USCG life preservers. These will only be allowed in the family pool and the shallow end of the 8 lane pool. All devices must be approved by the lifeguard on duty.
• Underwater swimming and breath holding is not allowed in any of our pools!
• Mon-Sat, Pool breaks will be called 1 hour after open/family swim starts, and then every 50 mins thereafter.  For example: swim session is 5:30 – 8:30, breaks @ 6:30 & 7:30.
• During pool breaks: Everyone must clear the pool and be in the observation area, or locker-rooms.  To help alleviate fecal instances, pool breaks are a time we encourage families to take their young ones to use the restroom.














Waterslide Rules

  You must be at least 48” tall or pass the safety swim test to ride the waterslide.
  (Visit with a lifeguard for more information.)

SIS (Schools in Session) Rules

  • All Family Swim rules apply.
  • School or private groups may make prior arrangements to swim during this time.
  • Pool breaks are 1:50 pm and 2:50 pm.

Family Swim Rules           

• No groups - to honor family togetherness, groups will not be allowed during Family Swim. This applies to member birthday parties.
• Safe games may be organized and played. Lifeguard will determine safety of any game.
• Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent (in the pool area) or sibling, age 18+.
• We encourage adults to participate in the aquatic activities with their children.
• Nerf balls are welcome. Hard and small balls are not permitted.
• Please respect the YMCA by only bringing those persons on your own family membership.

Adult Lap Swim

This time is designated for lap/exercise only. May use pull buoys, kick boards, or jog laps with belts on. Please note that other programs and open swim may be occurring in the pool and that at least two lap lanes will be available. Circle swimming is encouraged. For those 14 and older, no exceptions can or will be made regardless of a child’s swimming ability.  Please see Youth/Adult lap swim for those under 14 who want to lap swim.

Adult/Youth Lap Swim

For those under age 14 who can swim four consecutive lengths of the pool and are accompanied by a parent. Parent must be on the deck or in the pool with the lapper.

Open Swim

There is open swim time scheduled daily Monday - Thursday and Saturday.

In the event any pool needs to be closed, we will make a concerted effort to accommodate all scheduled groups into the remaining pools.