Membership Policies


A membership to the YMCA is about so much more than wellness centers, gyms, and pools. It’s also about making the community a better place in which to live. A YMCA membership means that you support and are committed to YMCA core values in the pursuit of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. It means you belong to a community dedicated to changing lives for the better. As a member you have the finest programs and facilities available to grow in spirit, mind and body.


• Consistently demonstrate the YMCA core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.
• Treat people of all races, faiths and cultures with respect.
• Use respectful words and gestures and not that which intends to harass, intimidate or cause harm.
• Observe the tobacco use ban in and around YMCA facilities, programs and activities.
• Refrain from using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
• Abstain from any display of sexual affection.
• Respect YMCA property and equipment and the property rights of others.
• Use only clean language while avoiding all profanity and vulgar language.
• Wear only appropriate attire and not that which is generally deemed as immodest or that which displays an offensive message.

 OK- now really, remember that the YMCA has many families with young children. So dress accordingly. If you or someone else is questioning whether or not it is immodest, then it probably is. This may also include tattoos or T-shirts that have an offensive message.


As a Y Member you are supporting our mission through your membership dues. Opportunities for additional support are also available through contribution and volunteerism.


  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Sponsorship memberships are available for those that qualify for financial assistance based on financial need.
  • A joiner fee will be will be applied for all memberships, except youth and teen. This fee will only be charged once, provided the membership is continuous and does not lapse for more than 60 days.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT’s) are drawn on the 5th of each month. EFT memberships are ongoing and do not discontinue until cancelled in writing by completing a Membership Cancellation Request Form. Any cancellations must be in writing and submitted by the end of the month before the cancellation. Cancellations received after the end of the month will be processed the following month. Cancellations may not be taken over the phone. However, the cancellation request form may be faxed or emailed to the member for completion and returned by the end of the month.
  • Annual fees are available.
  • Children ages 6½ through 11 who are in the YMCA without an adult may only be in the YMCA building up to 4 hours each day. Children must be in the Youth Center during this 4 hour period, enrolled in a class or attending open swim.
  • Due to the nature of YMCA membership, it is our policy to deny membership and program participation to any registered sex offender and to terminate the membership of any member who is required to register as a sex offender.

Membership Card Guidelines

Y membership cards are given to members ages 6½ and up. Please present your card at the check-in desk each time you visit the YMCA - it makes your check-in easier. Your card is also needed to check out equipment and lockers. Replacement cards are available at the Y Member Services desk for $5.

Temporary Membership Cards

Temporary cards are given at the Y Member Services desk if/when you misplace your card. Five temporary cards are allowed before a new card will need to be purchased for $5.

Guest Policy

YMCA members may bring their out of town guests to the YMCA of Rapid City free of charge when they accompany their guests. Out of town guests are those that live outside the Black Hills area. Please ask your guest(s) to bring a photo ID with them to the YMCA.

Out-of-town guests may visit the Y up to seven times per year, but a member must be present at the time of their visit. The YMCA also offers a short-term 1-month membership or a 2-week business person/vacation membership for unaccompanied guests that wish to visit the YMCA. [Starting February 1st, 2021]

Nationwide Membership

YMCA members from outside of the Black Hills area are always welcome at the YMCA of Rapid City. Likewise, a YMCA of Rapid City membership is honored by all YMCA’s across the country.

Program Transfers & Cancellations

• If the class you want is full, and no other time is available for you, please sign up for the waiting list.
• There is a $5 administration fee for any transfer or cancellation. Program credits may be issued until 5 pm, 7 days prior to scheduled start of a program. No credits or transfers after this time.

January 2021