Playing golf with a soccer ball? It’s called FootGolf.

Imagine playing the golf course from the regular tee boxes to a flag 170 yards away, but with a soccer ball. Yep, footgolf is a marriage of golf and soccer, played just like a regular golf course with pars and birdies and keeping score just like golf but instead of golf balls and clubs, you play it by kicking a soccer ball into the hole with the least amount of kicks.

Come out and try this new sport, it looks like a lot of fun, and you don’t have to carry around that golf bag!

YMCA members play for FREE! *

YMCA Adult Member Free*
YMCA Youth/Teen Members Free*
Program participant adult  $6*
Program participant teen  $6*
Program participant youth  $6*
 * plus $1 development fee  


Punch cards are available to program participants and include free rounds of golf.

See for more info or call LaCroix Links, 605.718.9953.