Kids Campaign

Every day the Y works side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

When you give to the YMCA’s Kids Campaign, 100% of your gift goes toward providing YMCA memberships for kids in need. By doing so, you continue to strengthen community and move us all forward.

Youth Sponsorships

Youth sponsorship memberships keep the Y available for kids who need us most. We count on the generosity of people like you to help all kids from all walks of life be more healthy, confident, connected and secure. When you give to the Y, you nurture the potential of kids and teens in your own community.

Whether in youth sports, summer day camp or one of our afterschool programs, the Y provides fun and interactive activities that help kids develop academic skills, leadership and social skills, self-esteem, conflict resolution abilities and hobbies.

Each gift of $98 sponsors a one-year YMCA membership for a kid. A Y membership connects kids with afterschool programs held at 15 different locations, summer day camp, swimming, sports, arts and so much more.

The result is positive, healthy and engaged kids and teens.

What your gift means...

An independent evaluation of the kids at the outreach centers found that our kids:

  • Improved their behavior throughout the school year.
  • Were more immune to peer pressure.
  • Were more concerned with making smart choices.
  • Are doing better in school.


Sometimes a little guidance, encouragement, and support is all it takes to transform a person, especially a shy middle schooler. Wyatt* comes from a poor family, struggles with his health, and he recently lost two close family members. Trying to deal with health problems and grief, Wyatt became secluded and fragile. Concerned for his well-being, a caring adult referred Wyatt to the YMCA’s Youth Institute (YI).

The first week of the YI is a week-long camping trip and for the first three days, Wyatt kept to himself. On the fourth day, the group was doing a team building activity and Wyatt stepped in to participate. That moment changed everything for Wyatt. From here Wyatt gained confidence with his new found friends and he worked tirelessly to learn the programs and strove to do the best he could in every project. When he was pushed to try harder he met the challenge. Wyatt often surprised himself at what he was able to accomplish and staff watched his self-confidence build. He was always willing to lend a hand and took pride in helping others.

Wyatt is now attending YI every day. With his newfound confidence, positive attitude, sense of responsibility, and dependability Wyatt has blossomed. Thanks to his YMCA youth sponsorship, Wyatt not only grew with knowledge, he found a new passion, and is growing as a person and experiencing things he would not have otherwise. Wyatt has transformed, all because of the Y.

Other ways to help our cause...

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