Job Code: 04

Aquatics Director

Category: Aquatics
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Full-Time
Rate: $45,000 DOE


Aquatics Director

Here is your chance to find your purpose while working with a fun and amazing team. The Aquatic Director is responsible to the Operations Director for excellence in the development, promotion, organization, supervision, and evaluation of YMCA aquatic activities and programs.  


  1. Develop, promote, conduct, supervise and evaluate aquatic instruction classes and other innovative aquatic programs that will result in positive character development, improved skills, great relationships, and fun for families, youth, seniors, teens, and adults.
  2. Develop, promote, conduct, supervise and evaluate aquatic activities and programs that will foster and maintain enthusiasm and support for YMCA aquatics and meeting the vision of strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.
  3. Promote new participants and retaining existing participants in such a way that budget projections are met or exceeded.
  4. Recruit the finest of instructors, and lifeguards to serve as positive role models and leaders of YMCA aquatic programs.
  5. Develop, conduct, and ensure training of all YMCA aquatic volunteers and staff with an emphasis on upholding YMCA standards of excellence.
  6. Conduct supervision of YMCA aquatic volunteers and staff such that all YMCA aquatic volunteers and staff understand and successfully achieve their performance objectives.
  7. Conduct regularly scheduled aquatic lifeguard in-service trainings to ensure aquatics staff are practicing individual and team-based emergency response skills
  8. Ensure the proper maintenance of equipment 
  9. Ensure that all aquatic facilities are in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal codes.
  10. Ensure that pool maintenance and play are conducted in such a way that prevents any risk of injury or damage.
  11. Ensure that the entire aquatic operation is in compliance with YMCA risk management policies such that all participants, volunteers and staff are safe.
  12. Recruit and facilitate an association-wide safety management committee charged with providing direction for YMCA safe practices.
  13. Develop in coordination with the safety committee initiatives, practices, communication and training designed to communicate safe practices, evaluate incidences to determine improved practices and design and conduct initiatives to promote and maintain a safe environment.
  14. Serve as point of contact with the insurance company consultant to conduct site visits and utilize key resources.
  15. Conduct the entire aquatic operation in such a way that serves to strengthen community relationships.
  16. Ensure that the aquatic information that is posted on the YMCA web site and online registration is updated each session with accurate information
  17. Ensure that accurate information is always available for all inquiries.
  18. Responds to all personal inquiries within 24hours.
  19. Manage and monitor income and expenses
  20. Establish and maintain accurate records of program registration.

Salary $45,000 + DOE


Full Time Benefits
• Health Insurance 
• Vision Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Short Term Disability
• Discounted Child Care
• 401(a) Retirement Plan - Once qualified, the YMCA contributes 12% of the employee’s gross pay
• 403(b) Smart Account - Employees can begin making contributions immediately
• YMCA of Rapid City Membership
• Access to a full range of YMCA activities, classes and programs at cost or free
• CPR / First Aid Certification
• School Loan Forgiveness (30 Hours)
• Verizon Wireless Discount / Sprint Discount / AT&T Discount
• Shirt Vouchers
• Discounted Movie Tickets


  • Have a four-year degree in recreation, physical education or related field or have a minimum of six years of related field experience.
  • Have current certification in lifeguard and swim instruction with preference in YMCA certifications.
  • Obtain advanced aquatic certification within one year of employment that will provide for in-house certifications.
  • Have a history of excellence in achieving qualitative and quantitative growth in programs and participants.
  • Be passionate about the YMCA mission and vision and must personally advocate and demonstrate the core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.
  • Be highly competent in promoting and maintaining safety.
  • Demonstrate solid leadership as demonstrated by a high level of loyalty and respect among those this person leads.
  • Have a successful history of recruiting, training, supervising and recognizing an outstanding group of staff and volunteers.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and enthusiasm of aquatics as evidenced by well-trained staff and volunteers, flawlessly organized lessons and programs and maintained pool facilities.

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