Job Code: 38

Building Cleanliness Technician

Category: Maintenance
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Full-Time
Rate: $14.00 per hour


Building Cleanliness Technician

We are seeking highly organized and motivated individuals who take great pride in a job well done.  A team player who can work independently with minimal supervision.  Ensure that a regular and thorough cleaning schedule is kept. This ensures that high cleanliness standards are met throughout the YMCA Facility.  This team member will receive a free YMCA membership, cell phone discounts, and a great retirement plan. 

Performance Objectives:

  • Maintain full compliance with YMCA and OSHA safety policies and practices.
  • Ensure safety and security in such a way that minimizes risk to self, co-workers and members as evidenced by the number of claims.
  • Ensure the proper maintenance and use of equipment, supplies, and materials such that use is safe and replacement costs are minimal.
  • Complete assigned projects in such a way that program leaders are documented daily to be satisfied. This includes making sure floors shine, carpets are spotless, tile is completely sanitary and, in short, making sure every child’s mother would be proud of the YMCA building.
  • Ensure that the building is well maintained by reporting daily to the Facilities Director all items requiring maintenance.

Salary: $14.00 per hour

Hours: Monday - Saturday  Any hours. Can be flexible 


Full Time Benefits
• Health Insurance 
• Vision Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Short Term Disability
• Discounted Child Care
• 401(a) Retirement Plan - Once qualified, the YMCA contributes 12% of the employee’s gross pay
• 403(b) Smart Account - Employees can begin making contributions immediately
• YMCA of Rapid City Membership
• Access to a full range of YMCA activities, classes and programs at cost or free
• CPR / First Aid Certification
• School Loan Forgiveness (30 Hours)
• Verizon Wireless Discount / Sprint Discount / AT&T Discount
• Shirt Vouchers
• Discounted Movie Tickets



Qualifications: This person must:
• Be at least 18 years old.
• Able to lift at least 50 pounds.
• Have at least 3 years of experience in cleanliness operations and operation of related cleaning equipment
• Positive communication skills are essential.
• Be passionate about safety and cleanliness.
• Adhere to the YMCA core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring. Completion of all required training is required.
• Have knowledge of and advocate YMCA goals and objectives.
• Have CPR and First aid certification prior to or within 60 days of hire

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