Job Code: 031

Camp Counselor

Category: Camp
Location: YMCA of Rapid City

Job Type: Seasonal


The Camp Counselor is responsible to the OST Associate Director for excellence in the Camp program. The Camp Counselor is responsible for providing a safe program, planning fun age appropriate curriculum, connecting with children and their parents, maintaining a positive environment that enhances the child’s social and physical development.

Hours: Monday - Friday  

$11 per hour

Performance Objectives: To develop a continually increasing standard of excellence as directed by the OST Associate Director in accordance with YMCA goals and policies in the following areas:
1. Curriculum Development
A. Conduct the YMCA Camp program such that at least 90 percent of program participants and parents rate the overall quality of the program as good or excellent.
B. Implement age appropriate curriculum with an emphasis on safety and growth in social and physical skills as measured by monthly absolutes with at least 95 percent parents in agreement.
C. Provide mission based, fun, age-appropriate, safe, meaningful activities such that 95 percent of the children return each year.

2. Health and Safety
A. Ensure the safety and security of each child in your care.
B. Maintain site/room appearance such that 95 percent of the parents agree that room appearance is good or excellent.
C. Ensure the proper maintenance and use of equipment, supplies, and materials such that use is safe and replacement costs are minimal.
D. Fully comply with YMCA safety policies and state and local codes.

3. Communication
A. Develop and maintain positive relations with parents in such a way that at least 90 percent of eligible participants are retained throughout each summer and at least 90 percent of eligible participants return the following summer.
B. Manage and monitor expenses in such a way that expenses meets or is below budget.
C. Ensure that positive relations are established and maintained between the YMCA and area tourist operators.

4. Record Keeping
A. Complete and file lesson plans weekly.
B. Accurately complete an incident/accident report for each incident/accident and submit and report it in accordance with staff training.
C. Maintain neat and accurate attendance.

 Job Type: Temporary


403(b) 12 % after 2 years

Free Membership

Shirt Vouchers

Free / At Cost Program Activities

Verizon Wireless Discount – 19% on account line access fee

CPR / First Aid Certification

Discounted Movie Tickets


Qualifications: This person must:
 Be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or actively pursuing an equivalent and have experience in working with children.
 Be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.
 Be passionate about the YMCA mission and vision and must personally advocate and demonstrate the core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring.
 Meet qualifications needed for South Dakota State child care licensing.
 Have a valid drivers license.
 Have CPR and First aid certification prior to or within 60 days of hire.

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