6 Weeks  to Mobile

Learning to Explore Their World

Teachers strive to attain balance and harmony with your infant’s home schedule. This means that we work with families to establish the right eating and sleeping routines for your child.
Infants learn through active, hands-on play. Grabbing plastic rings, rolling on a soft blanket, making a toy squeak - what fun!  Our infant classrooms are split between non-mobile and mobile infants (young toddlers) with the safety and development of each child in mind and allows crawlers to move around freely in a safe space, and reach and explore objects - a key to early development and learning.

The YMCA provides formula and infant food. Families are asked to provide diapers/pull-ups, wipes, an extra set of clothes, bottles, a pacifier and diaper ointment.

Babies feel safe, secure and happy in our infant classrooms. We believe high-quality child care is a partnership. Together, we’ll give your child the best start possible. Infant classrooms maintain a ratio of 1 adult:5 infants.

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Conscious Discipline is an international comprehensive classroom management program and social-emotional curriculum developed by Dr. Becky Bailey.  YMCA childcare staff are guided through intensive training based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices.

Conscious Discipline utilizes character education curriculum and challenging situations to teach the following life skills:  Anger Management, Helpfulness (pro-social skills), Assertiveness, Impulse Control, Cooperation, Empathy, Problem Solving and Real-Life Conflict. The YMCA Early Learning program believes that character education is a part of everyday life.