Before and After School Care

School Age

Grades K-5

Reaching Their Full Potential

Incorporating the latest research in youth development, the YMCA of the USA has developed a unique program model for grades K-5 that combines fun with learning and exploration. The careful balance between social interactions, character development, educational activities and physical activities make the YMCA so much more than just “after school child care.”

Curriculum & Seasonal Themes

YMCA school age programs offer before and after school fun and learning during the school year and full day  programming during the summer months.

Curriculum focuses on a variety of subjects ranging from STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math – to cultural awareness. We love using our hands along with our brains to take our daily plans to the next level. Along with physical activities outside and in the gym, the Y focuses on developing the whole child.  We strive to make every child knowledgeable on our core values: honesty, caring, respect and responsibility through character development lessons and role modeling.

All Day Programs

Don’t forget: When school is out, we stay open! Open to children enrolled in our programs, all day programs operate from 7am-6pm on most days when there is no school. Each day is packed with activities to keep minds sharp and bodies moving. Kids will unplug from technology and engage in fun activities and socialize with friends. Breakfast, lunch and snack provided! Registration required.

Program Components
Healthy Snack
Children receive a healthy snack each day.
Exploration Time
Hands-on learning in a variety of areas and learning styles. Allows children to explore areas of interest and curiosity.
Physical Activity
Whether it is playing on the playground or an organized game in the gym, children get physical activity every day!
Homework Time
A set time each day where children have a quiet area to read, complete homework and receive needed help from staff.
Character Development
Children are encouraged to find and utilize their strengths. Character development inspires kids to become ethical, responsible citizens through engaging conversation and activities.
Quality literature is shared through group reading, buddy reading and individual reading time.


Summer Camp

A safe place for children to go throughout the summer, YMCA Giraffic Park Summer Day Camp aims to promote and increase the student’s education, character development, and social-emotional skills. Activities include engaging enrichment activities, literacy and staff led STEAM and art projects, cultural awareness activities, supervised active games, outside time, a healthy snack and area field trips.